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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in a nutshell

2009 is such a memorable year for me. I would like to say it could have given me some reasons to smile but I would believe it is the most painful year for me.

Happiness in the forms of:

-> Travel, I have a few roadtrips and long vacation including my first business trip in the US
-> I've learned how to drive a "matic" car the hard way and was able to go back to SFO without getting caught
-> This is my last semester in UP Diliman. I hope that I will graduate on time
-> I've got a new camera body and a bunch of new lenses. I've sold my old gear to gain back some of the funds as well
-> I've got a very high running mileage this year. Been active with running since I got back from the US to lose a few pounds but eventually it became a passion! From 5K -> 10K -> 21K -> 32K, wow! It's been a very productive running year
-> New friends and groups: Active again with RACE barkada and :D
-> Got a new car which replaced my old Rev-O. Loving every day with my new ride (Zoom-zoom!):D
-> Mickey's new pups which brought some new joy here at home

But there are a lot of pains this year:

-> Ondoy and Pepeng wreaked havoc in Luzon. A significant number of people lost their homes and loved ones because of the onslaught it brought
-> Work-related stuff. Changes which shattered my morale and to think twice if I will be pursuing my career in my current work
-> A lot of personal issues with a few folks due to my stubborness and arrogance. Tried saving a couple of folks but I didn't get any thanks in return. Sorry guys for being like this, I'll try to minimize it in the next year
-> Opening up the shell and lowering down the shield to expose the reality inside. It hurts when it is often misinterpreted and I believe this is where Karma sinks in.
-> A big number of frustrations which builds-up and waiting to explode. I really hate the feeling that almost every week in the last few months that I have some new issues or problems which I have to face alone. What makes me sick is they are not related to me but I need to do something to fix them all

I wouldn't say I hate 2009 but I would like to thank it for the important lessons it taught me and let me grow as a person. I'm looking forward to what 2010 has in-store for me but I hope it will help me recover from the year which was 2009.

Happy new year everyone!

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