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Thursday, February 17, 2011

BDM 102: A test of endurance

It's exactly 16 days before D-day and here I am still thinking if I can accomplish this insane task of running 102 km. For 17 hours, I'll be submitting myself to a test of endurance and will-power. I was still confident for this race but it changed when I did the 52K test run last Saturday...

I don't know if it was the right thing to do. All I want was to simulate the race condition of coming from a 50 km run with no sleep and already exhausted. I did that but with a bonus: I was suffering from UTI! Imagine risking my life running dehydrated because of my UTI. I have to do wiwi break every 2 km but nothing was going out: i only felt pain when I tried to run. And worst of all, my wiwi became blood red after a while. :(

It was only a bonus because the 2nd half will be the hottest part of the race. Literally. The heat will be insane during that time and I had a taste of it in the previous test run. It was only a spoonful compared to the real thing on March.

On a positive note, I found my new shoes awesomeness when I did the test run. I will write a separate review for it but right now, I'm happy that I made the right choice. :)

16 days to go and I'm shivering already *gulp*


  1. Good luck Ronnel! I'm sure you'll hurdle the distance easily! Ikaw pa!:-)

  2. aba! biruin mo yun??? may blog ka pala? hehehe

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