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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My BDM 160 tale: Prologue

Last year, after finishing the dreaded BDM 102 race, I decided NOT to run BDM 160. That was when I realized the challenge and witnessed it first-hand when I supported totoy last year. I vowed NOT to run it.

Fast-forward to 2012... I broke that vow. I'm now anxiously waiting for D-day to arrive and busy preparing for the long battle ahead. What happened?

1.  I was convinced by Totoy to do BDM 160 because he PLEDGED that he'll be my driver and support. I remembered that conversation after the Pinatubo 50K that he will no longer do the BDM 100-miler hence I was convinced. But addicts do change their mind quickly $&%*#$%

2.  In search for a purpose on why the hell am I going to stick my neck and do a freaking 100-miler, an opportunity struck me. I was so affected by the disaster Sendong made in Mindanao that I decided to make this as a charity run for them. Siento-sisentang takbuhan para sa pagbangon was born and together with my good friend, Alfred "Senor Alfie" Delos Reyes, we are gathering pledges as donations for the typhoon victims. If you're interested to help, do let me know :)

3. I realized that BDM 160 is a holy grail for ultra-runners so why not do it? It's a test of patience, strength, spirit and sanity as we try our luck crossing several towns in Central Luzon for the silver buckle. I want that buckle...period!

4. I'm an ultrarunning advocate and I hope that my story in this race would inspire a lot of runners to try and experience the glory of running an ultramarathon. As what each race bib from Sir Jovie's say "GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS..." :D

5. Lastly, I'll be with my partner Beep Beep from km 0 until the finishline. We were the same duo who finished BDM 102 without leaving each other. This will be fun! (Jestoni, nakahanda na ang playlist natin :)) )

One more day before the big event. I'm really nervous right now as running such a feat is not a walk in a park. But nonetheless, before I start my race, I would like to thank everyone who wished me luck, supported our cause and helped me reach this dream.

To my support crew, Pedz, Imee, Hendy, Alex, Allan and Jenny, a huge thank you for volunteering in this crazy event. One day I hope that I can return the deed to all of you :)

I know I'll finish this race as God will always be in my side. He will be my guide as this is a gift I received from Him. I'll start and finish the race with a prayer of gratitude for He made this possible. Lord, kayo na bahala sa akin, salamat po sa lahat!

BDM 160 - Here we go, sagowwwww!!!

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  1. Goodluck Kowts Puger... kaya natin yan... este, ikaw pala.. kaya mo yan, nasa van lang naman kami =)

    Kidding aside, this 100-mile race really requires a lot of patience, strength, will, and most importantly faith - to yourself and to Him above. We'll be supporting and praying for you and each of the runners. Salute ahead to all of you!


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