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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rest and Recover?

Many have posted about this topic and this is probably just a re-iteration of them. Many runners tend to forget about the value of rest and recovery after a long hard race or training. Some of the hardcore runners would minimize their R&R in between trainings in an effort to improve their endurance but that doesn't mean they absolutely forget about its value.

Whenever the body is put into a increased level of stress, it becomes tired and aching. This is a sign that your body is not used to it and will begin to adapt to the change. But if you continue to subject it to the same level of stress repeatedly, it will slow down the process and eventually putting you at risk with injury. Being injured will be a showstopper for your trainings leading to frustrations and being sidelined for a while. Nobody wants that!

This is where the rest and recovery part of your training will play a vital role. During this time, your body will begin adapting to the level of stress that you made. It will help repair the broken down muscles and replace it with stronger ones which will improve your physical fitness. Also it will give you time to do things outside your training (your friends and family surely will benefit from it :))). After this time, try doing the same training routine and see if it improves your result :D.

Here are a few links on how to do your own rest and recovery:

Honestly, I was not a fan of this activity but after going thru the process and gaining knowledge about it, I'm now integrating it as core of my training.

So how do you rest and recover? :)

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