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Friday, June 8, 2012

Epic Tips for an Epic Race

Your team signed-up for a grand adventure of a lifetime. But are you really ready? Here are some of my tips on how to survive the epic relay:

1. You are a team - Yes, you will run your individual legs but at the end of the day, it's a team race. Hence, be responsible with your teammates, try to extend help whenever they need you and cheer them up as they approach the exchange points :)
2. Distribute your strength across the legs - You have 3 legs to accomplish. If you push too much on the first leg, you might burn-out on the 2 other legs. Know when to conserve and do an all-out sprint :)
3. Bring something to entertain yourself - You have approximately 3-4 hours before your next run so better bring something to entertain yourself while wating
4. Powernap - SLEEP will be a luxury during the race so make sure you rest in between legs. It will help you recover as well :)
5. Extra clothes - the van will be really smelly after a few of your legs. Bring extra clothes to freshen you up on your next leg
6. OBEY THE RULES - As much as possible, PLEASE ABIDE by the RACE BIBLE. Penalties are costly especially if you're gunning for a personal best
7. Support Crew - They are very valuable especially when you are tired and low morale. Treat them right during the race and brief them properly regarding the do's and don'ts of the race.
8. Food - Food is scarce throughout the race so make sure you packed plenty before starting
9. Heat Training - part of the race is Bataan. And you've heard about the BDM right? The summer heat here is unbearable for runners so I advise you to really gear up for the heat. Douse yourself with water and bring a lot of hydration
10. Be very vigilant - last time there was a runner sideswiped during the race. Do the BR rule of running against traffic and be extra careful especially at night. DOGS will be all-over the 2nd leg of the race :(
11. Document everything - Bring cameras! Take a lot of pictures and videos. Minsan lang to. If you can share it via a blog, do it! Immortalize your experience! :)
12. Thank God - At the end of the race, offer a short prayer to the Lord and thank Him for this opportunity to do an EPIC adventure!
Tomorrow will be a big day for all of us running through Bataan, Zambales and Subic!  Good luck to all the teams and remember to have FUN! :D
 See you at the starting line.

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