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Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 in a nutshell :D

In a few more hours, 2012 will be finally over. For me, it was a very remarkable year filled with ups and downs, happiness and sadness, glories and failures but most of all important lessons that forged me into a better person. It will never hurt sharing some of the things which I think made my 2012 a year to remember!

1. My first ever Did Not Finish! (actually I have two this year) which haunted me till today. I have to succumbed to insufficient fuel that led to major cramps and rapid weight loss. I thank my team who supported and helped me recover. But it remains a pain that I need to get off really soon...

2. Triple week Ultras - 2012 is my year of the ultras. Coming from a massive failure last January, I vowed to get stronger and wiser for the next edition of the race. I did ultras for 3 consecutive weekend, pushing myself to the limits and showing the world that it can be done!

3. WC 200 km - if my stint as a 3-weekend crazy ultramarathoner is not insane enough, I did 3 consecutive ultra distances in 3 days! It was an adventure of the lifetime as I journeyed from Subic Bay, Zambales to Alaminos, Pangasinan. Beautiful scenery yet very painful adventure! I like!

4. Australia trip - went back to Adelaide for a two-week project while doing left and right LSD. Experienced late sunsets while running at the beach! It was surreal! :D

5. LuzViMin Ultra - well, I love trilogies so I conquered the 3 major islands doing an Ultramarathon in them! Luzon - Fort Magsaysay 60 km, Visayas - I shall Return 50 km and Mindanao - CDO/Dahilayan 57 km. It's really more fun in the Philippines

6. Secret trips - I've been exploring a lot of places here in the Philippines under stealth which revealed a lot of beauty and stories in each place. Sample: Coron was a majestic place to be :D

7. First Century Trail Ultra - Amazing experience set in the far but beautiful place of Kayapa where I conquered Ugo again and the punishing trail towards the Ambasa watershed. Frozen, tired, wasak, etc. are a few words which described the aftermath. I don't care, the running man medal is all worth it :D

8. Hulk - bought my new pet which will help me cross the finishline this January. Hindi siya pangporma, his sole purpose is to become my support vehicle in my addiction.

9. Investments - build your future and invest your money in things that will make it grow! Started a few ones this year :D

10. Wenner - My team won the epic relay championship (men and mixed categories) after 2 years. Sweet revenge!!! :D

My 2012 is not complete without the help of my friends and family who shared the year with me. I want to thank you all for being there despite all the odds and even beyond happiness :). I wish all of you the best in the upcoming new year! :))

On the stroke of midnight, this year will be coming to a close. The new year will reveal itself marking a clean slate in our lives. For me, I'm excited for 2013. It will be a year of opportunities and changes! (No peeking) :))

Happy new year everyone! Stay safe and I wish you all the best in 2013 :))

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