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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pre-Bawawaw (Antique 100-miler) Jitters

Here we go again! Another impulsive decision made. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I decided to chase after my 2nd bakol and it will be done in the province of Antique. I'm nervous because it is another freakin 100-miler! Subjecting again my body to almost 30 hours of pain and suffering is some serious stuff but I made sure that I did my homework again this time:

1. Instead of my "ultra madness" style of training last year, I switched my training plan to trails. Why the hell? Because it will target my least used muscle groups and make my legs stronger. Besides, I'm bored with road ultras and I always wanted to create my own adventure in a mountain, mossy forest or even a river as a setting

2. During the weekdays, I used the time-based program that I was promoting earlier this year to build my speed and endurance. Walk breaks are important especially when I'm tired. I hope that would be enough

3. I'm bringing along Harry (my lone support crew last WC 200 and BDM 102) to help me in this journey. I trust him well enough that he knows what I will be needing during the race.

4. I prepared my battle plan already. Similar to BDM 160 but modified it a bit to match my needs for this race. Plus I added butterscotch and piaya in my nutrition! Nothing beats solid food :D

5. This time it will be a different playing field. I'm going to monitor my pace and hope that I won't burn-out. But then again nobody knows what will really happen. I only can do as much as I can and let my heart run the rest when the body has already given up.

I hope God will be on our side during the actual raceday. I heard the blistering heat in the area from the RD but I know my passion to get what I really want will prevail. Syet na malagkit lang kung di ko makuha yun!!!

Good luck sa lahat ng 1st Antique 100-miler and 50-miler participants ngayon weekend. Tandaan ang sabi ni TLC, "walang tatawid ng boracay ng walang dalang bakol!"

(writing this while wondering how to get away from those miserable askals along the way...)

P.S. Please pray for our safety throughout this journey...

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