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Monday, May 3, 2010

Graduation Day

This was an overdue post. I acknowledge that but nonetheless, I need to post what I experienced during that day, the day that finally ended my 3 year post-graduate studies.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Just came from a race yesterday and Tagaytay, started the day by attending the early morning mass. Yep, I still lack sleep but I need to go to church to thank Him for making this day happen. Of course, it's God's will in the first place that I finally was able to make it to the finish line.

After the mass, we decided to get home and catch some sleep. I was not planning to attend the morning ceremonies since it was too early for me but I still pushed-on. I went to the recognition rites with my parents, brother and cousin. I wore the barong I bought a few weeks back (to You who chose this for me, thank you! :) ) and found it really elegant. It was simple in design but it served its purpose. I brought my camera as well to take photos of the event. I gave it to my brother in hope that he will take good shots of the event.

Sa simula pa lang sobrang gulo na namin. Para kaming mga nakawala sa koral. Ang saya-saya, picture dito, picture doon. We're like celebrities in our own rights :). May AVP rin ang batch namin, although sobrang simple niya, we appreciate the work done by our officemates (Adie, Asel and Karen). Lunch was also served after the events (bitin!!!).

We went to the University graduation after lunch. As if faith was smiling upon us, there were clouds! They were blocking the scorching heat of the sun such that it made us at least a bit comfortable for the event. Picture uli dito, picture uli doon. Para kaming mga celebrities uli na adik sa camera :). Pansin ko lang na kaunti lang ang umattend ng ceremony.

During the ceremony, kami ata ang pinakamakulit na batch na nandun. Halos puro pang-okray at bitterness ang binato namin sa mga summa cum laude's (c/o Hans, me and Marl). Oks lang, at least di boring ang aming graduation.

The ceremony ended quickly. Before 6 tapos na lahat pati pagtugtog ng UP naming Mahal. Nandun pa rin ang mga traditional na nag-rally para sabihin ang mga hinaing nila. Keber na lang kasi ayaw ng mga taong masira ang moment ng graduation nila. Nandun uli ang mga walang kamatayang picture-picture kung saan-saan.

Me, Garry and Marl decided to celebrate the event by having dinner at our favourite after-class venue, Dencio's. We reminisce the years we had in MTM plus met a couple of new friends (c/o Jobert). Drank a few bottle of beers while Don Isi joined us as we were almost drunk. Ang sayang magkwentuhan matapos ang lahat.

Overall it was tiring but a happy day for all of us. It formally closed the chapter of our lives and opened a new exciting path for the batch. I'm happy that I was able to finish the course within my planned timings but happier because we have a fantastic batchmates whom I shared the long journey.

To us graduates, congratulations and good luck to whatever the future has in-store for us.

Pictures can be found here

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