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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 28th bday!

Bday's are supposed to be fun and happy! For me, I'm still recovering from an emotional turbulence in the past few days thus it has a huge impact for today. But enough about the rants, I'll give you a glimpse on how I spent it:

1. New look - I've been planning to get a haircut already before we went to CamSur. Why? Because my current hair was a mess plus it's terribly hot in that area. I need more ventilation! So I got a new haircut for the CamTour!

2. Client Work - Went to the client to do some work and check on some of my resources. Brought them some KK donuts on the way. Was hoping to do some 1:1 meetings with them but they were too busy already

3. Back in TWS - Attended the Coffee-talk and unfortunately we didn't win the best picture for our manager (even if our entry gained the most applaud and laughter from the audience). I was given a "surprise!!!" cake by my teammates after the coffee-talk. I'm touched because I only received such things rarely in my lifetime. Thank you team :D

4. Team Dinner sa Giligan's - Treated the team to a small dinner at Giligan's market-market. Short chit-chat and planning on what would happen this November. Sayang, wala yung ibang members ng team :(

I'm already 28, 4 years short of having my age erased from the calendar. I was still depressed but at least I have people who helped me cheer up during those time. Cheers to you guys and thank you for the day. You are the best.

Now, time to face reality again :(

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