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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adination of Runners: 5th Sunday Run

Despite the mishaps I got from yesterday, this day was really a blessing and a break from my streak of unfortunate events. Today, I've got a chance to run again as a team with my buddies from Team Powerpuff Boys in the ANR: 5th Sunday Run.

I'm actually quite nervous for this race as I really don't have enough preparation prior to the event. Less speedworks and low mileage for the week made me think again if I really can perform and deliver my best in this race. Plus I was preparing for my BDM 102 so I focused more on endurance and little on gaining speed. With that in mind, I was really trembling from inside of my mind!

Gunstart for the 5k group run started at around 6 am which we joined for our warm-ups. The agreed pace was 5:00 mpk but the garmin registered a freaking 4:00 mpk!!! (Anak kayo ng pating Jixee and Pat). But nonetheless it was a great start and helped me relax a bit. We only did 2.5 km to shake off the rust from my body.

Akin na ang batuta mo!
Our event started at around 8 am. Man, the sun was already out and I can feel the spirit of competition among us runners in the corral. I was really excited in fact this was the first time I felt it again after the epic relay! Pat started first while Jixee did the 2nd leg. I did the 3rd leg! Jogging back and forth, anxiety was really building up. I'm really-really anxious for the baton! When I saw the marshall signaled that Jixee was already near I know it was showtime!

Running Form!

Holding the baton, I sprinted towards the turning point without hesitation. We were in 3rd place so I know there is pressure on me to close the gap. Stride after stride, I can feel the beat of my heart strong as I was chasing the runner before me. I don't know if I can really do it but I swore that I will try my best to come close to him. Past the 400 meters I can already feel the shortness in breathing and fatigue but I won't let that get in my way! I'm already near him as we approached the turn-around point (I envy him for the water that his support gave him) but I know I will reach him. After a few more strides, I finally overtook the runner!

But this comes with a price: speed is taking a toll on me. I'm not used to running short distances at top speed anymore (even my yasso's are not that fast) and I already feel dizzy. I'm really thankful for my pacers from fellow BHS runners and Beep beep as they helped me keep it going despite the fatigue that I felt. I feel so wasted but the sight of the finish line gave me hope and with the last puff, I dashed thru the waiting corral and passed the baton!


It was over! I feel my legs shaking, I'm a bit disoriented and really thirsty. I was really wasted to a point that I was begging for water already. But it was all worth it, we did our best and we were able to clinch the 2nd spot! Sweet!

Thanks to my fellow TPPB members, Mark M, Jixee, Pat and Joms for letting me be part of the team earlier. Thanks to Brando our photographer and #1 cheerleader during the race. Thanks to ANR BHS for the support and cheers as we cross the finishline plus giving us the opportunity to represent the team in the event. And finally, Thank God for the wonderful time and helping us finish the race unscathed.

The boys!

Wenners! (L-R: Mark M, Joms, Pat, Jixee, yours truly)

ANR BHS Rules!


See you on the next 5th Sunday race! :D

Special Thanks to Brando for the superb pictures! :D

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