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Friday, December 31, 2010

The year that was 2010

2010 is a year full of glory and pain for me. It's been the most challenging year so far and I'm thankful that God was with me all the time. Too many things had happened and if I'm going to write them all here, I might not be able to finish it come the stroke of midnight. Behold, my year that was 2010:

My top memories of 2010:

-> Running Career at it's finest! I did 4 FM, 3 Ultra and 1 Epic Relay. My total mileage for the year is 2202 km which makes me a candidate for a tune-up.
-> Running on events outside Metro Manila such as Cam Sur and Ilocos Norte. I also did an ultra trail run in Pinatubo (50K) which started my "Running Tourism" high in my career
-> My first official running clubs: 6:30, UNGAS and Team Powerpuff Boys!
-> PR's on 21K and 42K with an introduction to minimalist shoe running (I love my VFF)
-> Running Apparel Splurge (making my wallet cry :( ). So far, I purchased 4 running shoes and 2 VFF's :D

-> I have a new team. Shifting from one discipline to another was a challenge but watching it grow exponentially over the year was a very exciting experience
-> Responsibility shift. This year marked huge changes in my work specifically to the goals I set. It is my momentum towards the start of 2011.
-> Talk about crunching numbers and schedules on projects! I experienced the craziest work schedule this year
-> This year an opportunity has opened-up a highway to my dreams. Slowly, I'm learning the system but I know it's the right path towards fulfilling my wishes.

-> I noticed that I drifted away from God early this year. This crushed me during the mid-months and reminded me that He was there to accept me back. Thank the Lord for showing me the way.
-> My dearest Nanay(lola) passed away last July. It was one of the most painful experience as she and 2 of her sibling passed away this year :(.
-> The Lord has shown me a blessing amidst the storm. Being rock-bottom was the most humbling experience I gained as slowly I'm returning and changing for the best. Above all, He was still there to guide me :)

-> I've been into an emotional disaster for most part of the year. But somehow I'm almost recovered. Sorry for the people I've hurt and stepped upon, I really didn't mean it :(
-> A ray of light has captured my attention and even if it's a rocky start, thank you for coming into my life. I promise to treasure you always :D
-> I started to talk to my parents again and learned how to lessen my pride.

I want to have this post short as it summarizes my 2010. It was a roller-coaster ride but I'm happy I went through it happy and alive. I'm looking forward for my 2011 as I know there are a lot big things waiting for me next year. Excitement is just an understatement :D


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