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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rest Muna

I am very stubborn. I always love to push this body to the limit. I programmed myself to train hard without considering my personal limit. Unless I have work or other things to do, I want to get better in running such that I continue to batter my body with very aggressive trainings. I ignored the pain that I felt as I believed they are only temporary.

But days had passed and the pain is still here, nagging me and dragging my progress. Because of this i had convinced myself to slow down and rest.

Here are the 5 things that I will do during my rest period:


1. Sleep - i need to have enough sleep again. sleeping at least 8 hours per day.
2. Eat - i don't have to worry about this. Food will help me build my strength and energy to propel thru my next set of trainings.
3. Stretching - stretching those darn affected muscle would help hasten the healing process.
4. Reduction - reduce training intensity in terms of speed. I would still continue building the base mileage with slower pace
Sleeping with eyes wide open
5. Equipment - having the right set of equipments to support this period is absolutely important. Changing running form to compensate for the injuries will require a new set of toys which I will use during my rest.

Will this work? Will i get better? I hope so. I only have a few weeks before my first training checkpoint and im hoping that i will be in-shape by that time. I'll try a couple of things as well to ensure my faster recovery but I guess a proper rest will be a key ingredient in getting stronger. As coach Salazar said, "ang katawan kailangan bigyan din ng pahinga para lalong lumakas, pag sumubra, baka ma-injure at mawala ang training progress".

Hoping to get well soon. The wait is killing me.

Never-ending wait! :))

* - Picture credit to various sources in the internet

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