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Monday, November 8, 2010

BDM 102 Series: Prelude #1

Known as the most difficult road race in the country, the Bataan Death March 102 km was an annual event held to commemorate the long agonizing trip done by the brave heroes during WWII when Bataan fell in the hands of the Japanese. A trip made by several hundred prisoners of war (POW) from Bataan to Tarlac, they marched under the searing heat of the sun with the merciless Japanese soldiers provoking and killing all those who can't continue the journey. Truly, it's one of the most darkest events in the history of our country.

Last year, I think it was during the Rota-run when I approached my good friend and barkada, Ian Alacar about how he was able to finish the BDM 102. I was really fixated and I can't even imagine myself running the whole 102K with a 18 hours cut-off! It was crazy! He told me "Man, kayang-kaya mo yan. Kailangan mo lang ng training". Yeah, right, I'm a runner but not insane enough to do that.

Now, I ate my words when finally I made a decision to join the event. I already had the invite last October 2010. Why the hell did I change my mind?

- I consider it as the "peak" race of my running career. I want to test myself and push my body to the limit by doing this extreme road run
- I want to experience the thrill (actually boring) of running 102K
- This is one way of paying respect to our fallen heroes to whom we owe the freedom that we own today
- I want to celebrate with my running friends and comrades (I want that piece of experience)
- The finisher trophy is so huge that I will never have a place where I can put it. And lastly...
- I want to have a story which I can tell to my children and grandchildren someday. I want it to be a source of inspiration and perseverance to do their best on whatever things they love to do the most. :)

I will use this blog to record my experience for this race; from preparations till the post-race celebration. It's an epic story and hopefully to those who will read this will also feel the excitement that I'm experiencing.

Thanks to sir Jovie (Bald Runner) for the invite! :)

And now, my BDM 102 story will begin... :D


  1. Won't be the peak of your running career, Brando. Once you've done 102, you'll come back for 151. And don't forget Jonel's King of the Mountains 232k June 2011 =). Best of luck. Sisiw sa iyo ang 102.

  2. Sir di po ako si Brando pero for now I consider it as my peak run :D. Mindset ko lang po para ma-excite ako sa Marso.

    Salamat po and good luck din sa inyo :D


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