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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year that was 2011

Everyone loves to summarize how they spent their year during its last day. As I close my 2011, let me give you a glimpse of how my year was...

2011 was an awesome year of running. 2300+ km of mileage, 4 FM, 8 Ultras (3 ultra trails), a few half marathons and a bunch of training runs made this year very memorable. I also experienced the pain of being injured and sidelined for almost 3 months, a situation that I really hate as I felt the pain from an inflammed ITB. I was able to do a race within Visayas and Mindanao plus a short race in Australia. To cap it all off, I got my very first podium finish in a challenging trail half-mary before the year end! It was an exciting year as I had a chance to meet new friends and strengthen a bond with my existing running buddies. :)

2011 gave me the biggest heartbreaks and sorrows as it was the year that my remaining grandparents died. My lola Bacion and Ama died while I was away in a business trip. It was so painful because I was not here during the time of mourning and they were brought to their graves. It took me some time to accept it but I guess two deaths in a family was really difficult. I'm hoping and praying that wherever they are right now, they are finally resting in peace :(

Work-wise was quite good as well. Bigger responsibilities and goals were attained this year. Biggest goal was something I waited for and worked hard for the past 8 years which finally materialized :). Though the sad thing was I had a few who left my team :(. I'm not used to high numbers but I guess I learned how to handle the situation. I was also assigned for almost 2 months in another country where I gained X number of pounds when I got back here. It took me time to get back in shape as I love the food there!

I guess that was my year 2011. It's a colorful year where I learned a lot of things and experienced both the worst and best stuffs in life. God planned it that way and I'm thankful to Him for guiding me thru the year.

Looking forward to a great 2012. I had set a few goals for the new year already and hope that they will all materialize (BIG plans!!!)

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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