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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Terra King of the Mountain + post rants

Even though that it is a messy weekend, I was able to enjoy at least the run in Timberland. It was my first trail run and I really enjoyed it because:

1. Change of route (sawa na ko sa Fort, UP at Manila route).
2. Challenging obstacles such as rocks, grasses, extreme uphills, potholes, snake(?), dogs, extreme downhill
3. Shirt was so cool (dry fit material which I could use for some run)
4. Dirty shoes (amp kasing-kulay ko yung sapatos ko pagtapos)
5. Siomai - the best siomai and mango juice breakfast this year
6. Subaru girls - enough said!
7. Crowd - 200 participants really made this race special. Less crowd means more organized race
8. Trophies - unique trophies talaga (made of bamboo)!
9. Accessibility - Well, I sort of got lost going to the venue (darn GPS doesn't work)
10. peeps - wherever there are folks, there is always fun!

They declared that they will have the same race on June during the rainy months. Will I be joining it? Of course, I love to see how we can run on the muddy hills even if it is raining!

Trail Run is now part of my fave running event! :)

Pictures here

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