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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A lesson in integrity

Integrity is a word that matters in my experience for the past few months. Experiencing it head-on is quite fulfilling and I'm hoping that it would be a lesson for the runners who might face a similar situation like this in their future races.

Today, I joined the Eng'gfinity race under the 10K category. I was excited for this race as it is for my dear college and I'm gunning for a 10K PR. It's been a while since I run my last official 10K here in UP and I want to see how much did I improved from my trainings.

Race started late by 15 mins but the issues didn't stop from there. Early in the race, the leaders did a wrong turn because no marshals were in place, confusing directions because of arrows and hidden among the sidewalks. Enough of the rants, here's the main part of this post :)

On the last part of the race, I had a good progress on my time as I'm consistent with my pacing (thanks to the speed training last Thursday). I was not familiar with the race route so I was following another runner who passed me earlier. At the finish line, I thought that we were supposed to cross it to record our lap but unfortunately, it was the end of the race! This was terrible as I know that the distance lacks 2.2K and what's more interesting is they said I was the 3rd to cross the line.

I felt so guilty about it because it seems like I cheated :(. I saw the elites pass thru the finish line after us so I know this is really wrong. So what I did was I ran again the last 2.2 km then went to the marshal to tell them the issue and drop me officially from the race. It was not really hard for me to do it because I was not expecting any rewards from the race; I'm more disappointed because I wasn't able to set a PR for the distance and marshals who were not able to do their job properly.

Funny thing because I was wearing the TPPB singlet which reminded me of how much we value integrity as the shirt signified in the last epic relay :). At the end of everything, it is not the reward that I considered but the valuable lesson I learned from it.

Hope everybody learned something from this post.

P.S. I think this is the first race here in the Philippines which used the D-tag. Engineers nga naman :D

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