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Monday, July 26, 2010

Takbo runfest 2010

Hindi ako tumakbo sa event na ito kahit na nag-register ako. Pinili kong maging isang boluntaryong maniniyut kasi gusto kong makatulong at mag-practice ng aking kinakalawang na maniniyut skills.

Went to the venue at around 4 am. Pretty surprised that set-up was already complete for the event already (thanks to the volunteers :) ). Met with the photographers to plan where should we set-up to take the pictures. I chose to go at the far area of the 10K track, why? because I want to try my luck with the 10K passing thru my spot.

With Josiah, we started walking to our respectives at around 5:15 am. Met also with Gary in the every nation intersection and gave my bib number (Gary, dapat sub-45 yan!!!) then proceeded to my station. While waiting, I chatted with Rod and Ley (ang tagal mong nawala!) and set-up my equipment. I brought my barbel lens even though it is heavy because of the speed and event. Glad I made the right choice!

Around 6:15, the first set of runners appeared in my spot. It was a leisure shot as they were the race leaders. BUT come 6:30, the chaos had started! Man, I was shooting against a sea of runners. It was like target shooting, clicking at every possible runner that I can! Pretty stressed already when the last runner passed by but my job is not yet over. I decided to move to another decent spot to get more photos :).

While walking, I took shot of the runners I met along the way. I stayed at the last 700 meter turn-around point of the race and took a couple of shots. I felt the weight of the barbel I'm using and literally, my arms were getting exhausted. Still I was able to take a few more good shots before heading back to the starting line.

In-fairness, this is one of the most organized event I joined this year. Proper hydration, perfect weather, organized loot bags and very good program. Meeting a lot of new runners and chatting with a couple of oldies was really good! Plus I love the singlet, even though last minute na siyang dumating.

Congratulations Boss Jinoe for a successful event! Kudos to all the people behind this race especially the never ending support from the volunteers! Looking forward for the next runfest! :)


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