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Monday, July 12, 2010

Race Prices

After reading Maan's post, I also pondered on how much money I spend in joining races per month. For example, during the month of May 2010:

PAU 50K - P850 (nakalimutan ko na kung magkano talaga...)
Men's Health - P450
Run to Transform - P500
Nature Valley - P650

That's a whooping P2350!!! (which I could have used to buy a lot of stuff already :( ). Having noticed this, I decided to put some control on the race I join per month:

- 21K and above race only (max of 2 races per month)
- Race outside the Fort or even metro manila. New routes are always welcome (i.e. PAU series)
- Race with fee <= P300
- Race with a great chance of having < 1000 participants
- Race which are sponsored (asa pa, nyahahahaha)

So what will I do on the days where I don't join a race? I'll probably allot it on training and developing my skills or take the day-off. It will save me money at the same time improve my skills! :D

Thanks Maan for the write-up, it opened my mind up with managing the race I join per month. Gone were the days where a 10k or 21K would only be less than P400.

Time to tighten my belt :)

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  1. Yung matipid ko dito, gagamitin ko pambili ng magiging bagong bisyo ko. nyahahahahaha


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