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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new name doesn't mean anything

A lot of companies/products nowadays are switching to a new name. What's the reason? Probably to re-package their services into a new persona and get a piece of the market.

BUT (yes there is a big BUT) they forgot to improve their own service/product. Changing your brand name doesn't mean it magically removes the flaws and issues of the same product. For example, Smart changed it's broadband brand into Smart bro probably to hide or shadow the flunks it got when they initially offered the service. Did it made any difference? Well, yes it does in the eyes of a common individual who never tried it before but still has the same cranky and lousy service. In-fairness, they had a significant improvement in-terms of the service but still it can't remove the previous performance or experience of those who used it before.

Why am I writing this? BECAUSE DARN ZEST-AIR GAVE AN ADVISORY A DAY BEFORE MY FLIGHT THAT IT IS MOVED TO A MUCH LATER TIME!!! I don't know, I thought moving to a new brand name will remove the very lousy service we experienced from Asian Spirit before but alas, all of the changes are more into the outside image only. It's like painting a freaking old car instead of changing its engine parts to improve the performance.

I'm really disappointed as I'm looking forward for this vacation and yet, a lousy service messed it up already. I hope it will not get worst... (positive thoughts insert here :( )

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