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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vacation after-math

It's been days since I've last posted here (and I promised myself that I will be posting DAILY). Anyway. I've been busy with a few stuff lately in both work and school. But why should I be ranting about them when my topic is about vacation in the wonderful land of Boracay?

It's really not as exciting as its used to be because I've been in that island for 4x already. Yeah, 3x last year will really took all of the excitement away but that didn't prevent me from returning. Why? Bora has the most wonderful beach in all of the beaches that I had visited. White powdery sand, crystal-clear water, excellent weather and a lot of activities are just a few things that I really miss about that place. Plus an array of cool companions sparked at least some excitement towards the trip.

As a summary, here's what I love about the trip:

- HS barkada -> sa lahat ng kalokohan natin, mga pre dito ako talaga saludo
- New Friends -> Linus made a few friends in the island. A few bottle of red horse and gilbey's premium made it possible. Plus the friends of Karel who really love to party
- Weather -> It's been raining cats and dogs here in Manila but our prayers have been answered to clear the sky away. Very lovely blue sky with just the right amount of sea breeze. Heat is tolerable since the christmas season is just around the corner.
- Food trip -> When you're with Enton, you will never get hungry! From the buffet of oysters (oo, sangkatutak na talaba) up to the the sober-up serving of balut, it will really satisfy your cravings
- Photo-whoring moments -> minsan ka lang mapunta ng bora, take the picture like a lolang bakla (nyahahahahaha). Seriously, photos are really abundant all through the trip
- Manong guide -> very good rates for the activities I've lined-up for my friends. And a walking travel encyclopedia as well. (if you're going to bora, I recommend that you hook up with him for your activities. Just let me know and I'll post his number here :) )
- Sunset - Of course,the legendary sunset at the beach. Never leave the island without the majestic shot

As for the downsides:

Zest-air -> hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle-hassle!!!!!!!!!! They re-booked our flight too frequently and in a very uncomfortable schedule. Damn it, we arrived at 4 pm in the afternoon and almost missed the beautiful sunset. Don't be fooled by the low rates as it is really-really-really not good. The returning flight is also a freaking hassle as we arrived at the airport 4 hours before the flight as we were hoping to buy some stuff in Kalibo. Damn it, the van arrived at exactly 2 hours before the freaking flight; when we got to the airport, it was already boarding time :(

Work -> wee hours in the morning with a freaking escalation. I didn't bring my laptop but still work is hounding me like my leg is bounded by a long ball and chain. Thanks to my team who helped though, you're the best!

I think that's probably it for my 5th time in Boracay. No excitement but surely it was a very memorable moment for me :). Pictures are still not available as I haven't even edited them yet but I'll try to do my uploads by tomorrow.

A 6th time in the island? Yep, I'll definitely go for it :)

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