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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day for a twisted mind

Easter is supposed to be a day of rejoicing for some of the Christian folks as Jesus rised from the grave and went to heaven. But what if there was a twist on how easter was celebrated? Being inspired with how Neil Gaiman mind works, I have my own top-5 alternative easter activities:

1. Instead of easter eggs, why not use landmines? They are both hard to find and finding one can give an excitement! Plus you'll really know that the kids have found their easter landmine (ka-boom).

2. Instead of easter bunny, why not have a deadly alligator/croc as the easter animal. Put the eggs on the mouth and see the fun it will bring to the crowd!

3. I heard this from Rex Navarette in his audio joke(?) that Christ told Paul on the day he will rise-up again, tell the whole world to paint eggs during Easter

4. Kids should be wearing Elmer Fudd costume and hunt down the Easter bunny. Give them some elephant live rounds and genuine shotgun, let the poor bunny run and shoot it like hell!

5. Make the Easter Bunny throw the eggs at the kids. The more he hits the better Easter is!

Don't worry, I'm not serious with these items. I just want to see an alternative violent Easter celebration (but nobody's stopping you from doing them :) )

Happy Easter Everyone!

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