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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodbye Diego! :(

Three years ago, I was still undecided if I want to be serious in running as a sports. I was still going to the gym then and my old shoes are no longer keeping up. So I thought of buying some new shoes to fit my new lifestyle.

I forgot what model Diego was but he was on sale when I got him. He's light, snug fit and very comfortable. I had raced with him since 2007 and progressed with me from my 5K stint to the current 42K (yes, I wore him during the Condura marathon). But age do take its toll as the markings were already blanking out and some of the soles were already pulling out. So I decided to have him retire today; our last race as partners.

I still felt the same comfort and performance I expect from him since the day I bought him. Although the trail is indeed punishing as it wore him down for the last time. One last push and I was able to set a record for my trail run in Nuvali!

Diego, thank you for the wonderful years you shared with me throughout this career. If i'm to choose a shoe again, I'll find you but alas your model is no longer in Production. Don't worry, I won't ever forget you through the years. Finally, it's time for you to rest.

Goodbye old friend! :(

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