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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sari-saring updates

Since I have a lot of stuff to blog about, I decided to have it consolidated into one entry:

1. GPS love:

Ever since I had my new phone, the feature that I really-really love is its OVI map. Man, it saved me a couple of times already from the brink of being lost. It's free from the ovi website; you can download maps and save your favourite locations. For me, it's really handy when I'm going to unfamiliar places within and outside Manila.

Instances which OVI Map has saved me:

1. Location of BaldRunner Inc. - to get my racekit for PAU
2. SBMA (Darwin's Tavern) - our inn during the Epic Relay
3. Traffic Route to Kamias - traffic talaga! Sobra!!! (kaya nakahanap ng ibang daan :D)

Thank God for the OVI map app talaga!

2. "Milo"

Since the epic relay, I confess that I became obsessed with getting the next best shoes for the Milo marathon. I feel that my former fave shoes are not enough to get my best time in the said event. I need something light but comfortable for long distances at the same time will not be too expensive. I considered different models from different brands (Asics, Mizuno, etc.) but I fell in love with the brand I consider my first. Thanks to Luis, I came back to the three stripes and bought an Adizero Tempo!

I tested it during the Adination event last Thursday across different scenarios (Speed, rain, downhill, uphill) and I felt the comfort plus the lightness that I'm searching for. I'm really excited with the real-thing this coming July 4 where "Milo" will make his race debut. I'm so glad that I think I made the right choice :)

3. BR's 1000 km club

Lastly, I have to blog about one of the most prestigious obsessions that I have. I envy those guys who wore the black BR shirt during the gatherings; they conquered 1K km already in their running careers.

Oh, I'm blabbering about it but I haven't discussed what's the club all-about. Just read BR's entry here. It's a concept of rewarding one's self after achieving a very-very challenging goal.

I'm almost there. Im already 956 km and I will reach my mileage during my stint in the Milo marathon. It will be a double celebration as it will be my 2nd full-marathon and I finished a very challenging goal.

I will get that shirt :D

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  1. Thanks Argo for being the BR-shirt model! Di ko kaya ang talent fee mo kaya handshake na lang. Nyahahahahaha


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