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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NB Trail Run

After my first Trail Run in Timberland Heights, I vowed to try my luck in trail running. It was quite a while as I missed two trail runs already (Enervon Happy Run and Men's Health All-Terrain). But nonetheless, I'm still hopeful that I can do it again. Then comes Father's day...

This is my first time to do a 15K trail run in Nuvali (I missed the first one since I lack sleep from the Pahiyas trip). Though it's far from the city, I like to try a different route at the same time enjoy some fresh air.

Here's a summary of the event:

- Went to the venue at around 3:00 am since I have to accompany my brother to the airport and lend me his car :D (now I know how to get some free ride for the whole week)
- Took around 10 minutes looking for my wallet in the freaking car (demmit, paano ako magbabayad ng toll di ba?)
- Arrived at the venue at around 5:10 am
- Didn't know that the starting line is not at the mall. It's located at the other end of Nuvali!!! (we have to ride a jeepney)
- Saw Luis, Abby and Ka Totoy in the starting line. Pretty anxious for the start of the trail.
- Started at around 5:40. As expected, we piled up at the start of the trail because it's narrow.
- First 5 km is a real jungle trail. Went thru a forest, down a hill, across a river then up in an open field. My socks and shoes were filled with gravel literally giving me a foot scrub for the rest of the race.
- Second 5 km is relatively flat as we ran through an open field and tall grasses. Started picking up the race pace but occasionally slows down because of land mines (jebs ng kalabaw)
- Last 5 km was still flat but at the last leg, the 15 km runners were led to a different branch of the track. Sped-up to an easy pace till the finish line.
- Finished at 1:31. Met-up with the rest of the people at the finish line.

Over-all, it was a great race to meet old and new friends, enjoy the scenery and celebrate the day for our dear dad's.

Happy Father's day to all! (Snapshots of the event can be found here) :D

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