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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post Happy Father's day post

I was supposed to write this entry last Sunday but I was too tired to create one. Since it was father's day, I want to write something for my Dad.

Dad, thank you for being there throughout the years of my life. From the day I was born, I know how much love you've shown me; extending your patient and understanding me as a young kid. You were there in all my success and failures; you're quiet all of the time but I know you were proud of us. You treat us as if we were elite kids, knowing how much you contradict mama in all of the decision she made.

Dad, I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass. I know I've been giving you headache left and right but please treat them as my learnings thru my journey in life. I know you were disappointed with some of the decisions I made but thank you for supporting them and reminding me that everything that I choose, I should make a stand for it.

Dad, I want you to be proud of us, we tried our best to meet your expectations and living your dream. I remembered the quote you posted in our old house "The greatest treasure that we can ever have is a good education and honesty". I value those stuff as well and thank you for showing us the right way.

Dad, I don't know how I could repay all of the good things you did for us but I always pray to God that He gives you all the blessings in this world. You deserve them promise :D.

Thank you so much! To best Dad in the whole wide world, we love you! :D

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