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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2nd QCIM: kasado na!

Advertising on behalf of Sir Rene (aka JazzRunner). This is my 4th FM for the year and it is a part of my preparation for my  BDM 102K attempt. I registered early today in the RUNNEX office, UP Diliman (walang pila! fast transaction! bait nung nag-register!).

I marked it as one of my favourite races due to the following reasons:

1. It is done on my hometown of QC! (it will pass thru our village, hopefully my family will be cheering there when I pass by)

2. One of the well-organized races (sufficient hydration, nice route, reasonable reg fees, etc.)

3. Pacers! (for those who wants to set a PR in their respective distances, there are pacers wearing a big balloon with their target time. I'm not sure if they will have it this year)

4. Medal - this is where I got my first 21K medal. And it's not just a medal, it's the MEDAL (ambigat niya!)

5. Route -I'm assuming that it is the same route as last year, it's mostly flat coming from QCMC -> Commonwealth -> Batasan -> Commonwealth -> North Ave. -> QCMC. PR mode everyone!

One thing which I would like to note is if the organizer can handle the traffic fiasco it caused last year. A lot of drivers and commuters were pissed off because of the late announcement for major road closure (it was even covered by media!). I really hope they can fix it this year :)

Here are the singlet designs (they are based on the designs last year but with a new color scheme and the distance printed on the side :) ):

Proposed 42K design
Proposed 21K singlet

Registration Dates:
October 4 to November 7, 2010

Registration Venues:
Chris Sport's Outlet
SecondWind Ortigas
QC Hall
Runnex Office, UP Diliman

See you at the starting line :) (another kagat medal moment for the year!)

Yeba! My first kagat-medal moment last year!

Pictures and info from Sir Rene's blog entry for QCIM here. Thanks Sir Rene!

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