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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prelude: Habulan Sa Bulkan

This Saturday will be my 3rd Ultramarathon and 3rd trail run in my so-called running career. I will be joining the PAU 50K Pinatubo Trail Run which was organized by Sir Jovie Narcise a.k.a. Baldrunner. I've only done trail run on a 10K - 15K basis but never on a 50K distance. I'm nervous at the same time excited because I don't know what to expect on Saturday. I even don't have a strategy yet on completing the race which I should do at least by tomorrow evening.

I never imagined that I will be returning here on foot!


Prior to this race, my training plan was a mix of hill sprints, tempo and LSD. Hill Sprints for strengthening my legs and increasing my endurance, tempo for the speed and LSD for more endurance. I did a 42K marathon two weekends ago to test my strength but wasn't able to pile up mileage the week after (have to rest my sore foot). I also did break-in of my shoes in the Aninuan Trail, Puerto Galera (man, that was one-hell of an uphill sprint).

Hill Sprint Rules!!!

Nutrition-wise, no special diet. "See-food" diet lang as I'm planning to gain at least 5 lbs. before the race (fuel that I need to burn). No limits on what food I should eat :)

Seefood Diet!


For this race, i'm gonna pick the following battlegear:

NB singlet (I bought it using the GC's from boss Jinoe)
Transition tights (love those tights!)
3 sets of compression socks
NB MT875 trail shoes (my first trail shoes!)
Hydration belt
First Aid Kit <- ni-require ni boss BR
Visor + Shades

I can't run wearing these!


Thank you folks for sharing your blessed heart with us this Saturday. God bless you! There will be 7 folks who will be support to the 16 runners. We will rent 2 4x4 vans to cover the support needed :).

I'm all geared up for this Saturday! Ready na ko sa Habulan sa may Bulkan! Good luck to all the Ultramarathoners who will be running this endeavour with us :D

1st PAU Mt Pinatubo Trail Challenge 50K
Capas, Tarlac
October 9, 2010

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  1. best of luck ronnel. eat te bulkan ha :)

  2. gudluck sa atin pre. pero hndi ako makikipag habulan sa inyo mabibilis kayo eh hehehehee.kita kits pre---ambow----


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