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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Pink-Coated Sunday

Pink - a popular color associated with femininity. The more vibrant the color is, the greater the probability that you are inclined with the feminine side. This was what I believed before I got the chance to join a wonderful running team last June; a team which used the color Pink (fuschia!) as their official team color. "Tough Men wear Pink(Fuschia)" is our motto and I guess we're 100% barakos (unless someone protested)!

October 17 was a very memorable date for the team as the blessings poured like the typhoon Ondoy sent last year:

- We grew from 10 to 25 strong running members each with a capability to finish 21K under 2 hours.
- It showcased the fruit of our months worth of training, each one almost hitting a personal record
- 25 freaking runners with a majority wearing the popular "Singlet na may Sapi", hitting the road and running with all their might
- Display of courage and iron-will as all of us crossed the finish line despite the challenges we encountered in the course.
- 25 finisher medals as a testament that we completed the course, fair and square.
- A blessing of winning the Philippine Running Team Champion for 2010 ( I remembered how happy we were as we run to the stage and claim our prize!)
- The two trophies we are going to rotate within the team (one of them was really huge while the other one can be used to teach the female anatomy :)) )
- The finisher shirt which I guess were made of glow-in-the-dark material (oo na, magmumukha na siyang lumulutang na damit pag suot ko sa gabi)
- The free breakfast we got from the Adobo Run organizers at Paul Calvin's. I didn't ate much though because of Pocari (bespren ni mayor!)
- The consolation prize I've got for my entry "REAL MEN WEAR PINK" in the Pink Run's Photo Contest (which we can't enjoy because it can only be used by a girl :( )

Here are our official race results:

1. Alexis Estenor  (#2057) 1:32:41
2. Joms Paras (#2077) 1:34:43
3. Patrick Alcomendas  (#2058) 1:34:47
4. Graciano Santos  (#2054) 1:35:19
5. Nathaniel Garcia (#2053) 1:35:41
6. Junrox Roque  (#2051) 1:38:22
7. Alfred delos Reyes  (#2050) 1:38:22
8. Leandro Losaria  (#2061) 1:40:11
9. Nick Geaga (#2052) 1:41:19
10. Alex Macalintal (#2065) 1:42:22
11. Luis Arcangel  (#2078) 1:43:15
12. Mark Mulder  (#2060) 1:43:17
13. Lito Brion (#2047) 1:43:40
14. Angelo Lagumbay  (#2079) 1:43:47
15. Jixee Lagunda  (#2064) 1:43:48
16 .Mcoy Lontoc  (#2046) 1:44:36
17. Mark Hernandez  (#2062) 1:44:37
18. Mark Anthony Rodica (#2049) 1:45:08
19. Mon Sunday (#2059) 1:45:42
20. Ronnel Go (#2063) 1:46:44
21. Robert Delos Santos (#2056) 1:48:56
22. Roy Eric Rivera  (#2055) 1:52:26
23. RIcky Gundran  (#2048) 1:55:23
24. Bong Zandueta (#2069) 1:59:35
25. Sammy Delena  (#2071) 2:32:25

If only I can name that day as Team PowerPuff Boys day, I will in honor of the blessings we received. Here are some of the pictures I got from my camera during that day (Thanks Kat for taking our pictures!):

Excited boys receiving their trophies!

L-R: Luis, Sir Alfred, Joms, Sir Junrox, Yours Truly, Brando
Trophies + prize money = sweetness!
Brando, Me and Beeps

Return of the comeback ni Idol Luis

Parang walang trophy! (that's the prize shirt)

Thank you Lord for all the blessings you gave us on that day! Congrats Team PowerPuff Boys! Mabuhay kayong lahat! :D

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