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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Cost of Running

If you put in a nutshell, the basic costs you need to worry about running should be:

1. Shoes
2. Reg Fees

In the early 80's when the running boom was only starting, shoes cost only a fraction of the what they are now today. Minimal cushioning, hard-soles, no consideration if the feet are wide, etc. were popular. Minimal features = minimum cost. But today, due to results of scientific studies and feedback from the consumers, a lot has been added to the common running shoes. And this started the jump of cost to acquire one. The more the choices, the more expensive it gets.

aaahhh, the simple joy of running before...

For reg fee, I think there are various articles already about this topic (i had one a few months back). From P100 - P200 per race, now it has doubled its price for the same distance. My most expensive race to date is the corregidor international HM which has a whooping 2.5K for reg fee! (that's one shoe already!)

That was the basic expenses you need to worry. There are optional stuff such as training attire, running accessories, support cost, etc. This translates to additional cost which cost some pain in your wallet.

I'm not ranting about the cost of running nowadays but I want to give 5 tips in how to do some cost-savings in our favorite sport:

1. Choose your shoes wisely - Shoes can be expensive but again this depends on what are you buying. Read reviews before you do your purchase, list down the things you want to have in your shoe and do some shoe maintenance once-in-while. Reviews will give you info about the shoe based on consumer's feedback. It will give you an idea on how it performs and what are the pros and cons of the particular model. Emphasize also on the features that you need vs. the features you want because the more sophisticated the shoe, the more expensive it is.

too many choices = headache!

2. Plan your races - I used to race at least 3-4 times a month. When I computed the cost, I was able to generate enough money to buy a bike! With that, I began to choose my races each month. I choose them based on the distance, organizer, beneficiaries and cost. I posted these things in a previous entry but right now I'm planning to race only twice per month. The rest of the weekends I'll dedicate for my trainings. My mindset right now is the race is a testing ground on how well I did or progress in my trainings (I've got this from one of the blogs that I've read, I just forgot from whom... I'm sorry sir/mam but if this is from you please don't hesitate to give me a note so I can acknowledge you)

Even dogs are having headaches on increasing race fees!

3. Accessories are accessories - as defined in one of the online dictionaries "Something nonessential but desirable that contributes to an effect or result". Meaning you still can run without them but they can do value-add to your running experiences. Examples are GPS devices, exquisite shoes, MP3 players, etc. I'm not saying you should not be buying such items but always think twice if you are. Always ask yourself if you're going to buy them and maximize their use because you're paying your hard-earned cash for them (and they are quite heavy on the side as well)

I really want one :(! (but do I really need it?)

4. Group run/trainings are fun - well, having a personal trainer/professional coach is really very helpful but it will also cost you. Alternatively, you can join group runs. Some of these groups have experienced runners which will give you tips about running, exercise and racing. Besides this, you can also meet new friends and running buddies who shares the same passion and interest with running! (shameless plug for six:30 running group)

Group runs are fun! (Every Saturday, 6:30 am@UP Diliman)

5. Listen to your body - I reserved it as my last tip because some of the runners doesn't appreciate the limit of their bodies unless they feel something bad about it. Getting injured will not only cost you expenses but also your passion for the sport. Morale of the story: don't overdo it, when in pain, slow-down and check for any possible injuries. Stay injury-free!

You don't want to end up like this :(

I hope these tips can help you in planning your expenses for the hobby we all love. Running was supposed to be the cheapest form of sport as you only yourself, the road and a decent pair of shoes to enjoy it but it doesn't hurt to get a bit of things which can help you get better in this sport. Just plan it wisely :)

(still recovering from my running expenses in the previous months :))

*-all pictures were taken from the various sources in the internet and owned by their respective authors

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  1. Re shoes: I visit the RW shoew review, especially the stability shoes. Whenever I have the 'cash' - i reserve them for these models.

    Nice posts, Ronnel. :)


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