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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ARC store opens in Manila!

It all started with the message from Prince that there will be fun run organized by A Runner's Circle Running Store to celebrate their soft opening here in Manila. I said "Ok sige, punta ko dun" and asked the club six:30 running group that we will have an easy run training there as well.

ARC finally landed here in Manila!

To give you a background, A Runner's Circle (ARC) Running Store is a popular running store in Los Angeles, CA which is wholly-owned by Filipino runners and been named by FoxLA as the best running store for 3 years in a row! (*clap *clap *clap*). Now, they are opening their first store here in Manila to duplicate their success and share the great customer experience that they provide in the US.

100% Filipino-owned :D

Last Saturday, I've got a chance to witness the launch of their store here in Manila. I think there are around 50 participants in the fun run (represented by six:30, team CB, team Boring, team Ungas) which joined us for the short 5K run in the morning. I went there at around 4:30 am (the official call-time) and registered. I was given a cool ARC Running shirt which I gladly wore for the event (thanks!).

Me with sir Raul Acuna (love this shirt!)

The program started with a stretching session led by yours truly (volunteered by six:30 teammate John who incidentally worked with ARC as well). I introduced the "Simply_Mccoy" stretching method (ang sikreto ng malupit niyang mga PR) before we proceeded to the Roxas Blvd. for our run.

The distance should be 5K but from the GF, it was 6.3K :). It was fun! I got to join the lead pack which paced a little stronger than the target 6:30 pace (si Joey po ang may kasalanan) on the way back to the starting point. In-short, nasunog kami, nyahahahahaha.

Lead pack! (They will have this framed and hanged in their store)

Wasakan pace!!!

Nonetheless, we had fun. We were welcomed with a nice breakfast sponsored by ARC. I love the egg pandesal and boil saba so much that I think I ate as much as the calories I lost during the run. This was followed by a refreshing dance done in front of the store (with a special participation of Allan). There was also a raffle draw with prizes such as spa GC's, mesh bags, shoes and shoes! (congratulations to all the winners). Lastly, a short talk by running coach Titus Salazar where I asked a lot of advice and questions about running.

Wow! Breakfast!
Refreshing Dance step (wala kong kuha kay Allan :()
Six:30 represent! :D

I heard that they will also be organizing regular runs during Saturdays in front of their stores as well! I think I'll schedule some of our trainings on Saturdays during their regular runs. It will be fun!

Visit their store located at Unit H, Aloha Hotel, Quirino Avenue near corner Roxas Boulevard. Don't forget to greet the friendly staff and take a peek at what the store has to offer (I'm going to get one of their running singlets when I go back there)

Visit their store near Roxas Boulevard!

Congratulations and thank you for a hosting a great opening day to your store here, ARC Manila! I wish you success! :D

Tuloy po kayo!

Picture credit from ARC official website and Yoying Jose! :D

More pictures from my camera here


  1. Nice...Kampuger,see you.

  2. ... (I'm going to get one of their running singlets when I went back there)... check mo nga english mo bago ka mag post ng blog...

  3. Sorry naman! Binago na po. nyahahahaha

  4. John (Johnnyboy) Six:30 - ARCOctober 22, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    Coach Ronnel! Salamat po sa support and sa pag tag sa aking pangalan! Kudos!


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