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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On a choice between PR's

Almost every Runner dreams of achieving a PR in each race that they join-in. It is the sense of fulfillment and gauge on how much they improved through their career. But what if you will be given a choice, you get to have a new PR but put your life into risk or do it on another day but you have to wait?
PR in every race: almost every runner's dream :D

I can't make a choice for all runners. But this thought echoed in my mind after I finished the Pinatubo trail run. To recap, I was really-really disappointed about being held-up in the 2nd to the last aid station. Waiting for almost 2 hours, my frustration really blew me off as I was already making harsh remarks about the decision. I was gunning for a good strong finish and my plan was ruined because of that circumstance. Indeed it was my fuel for my dash to the finish line.
Dash to the finish!!!

But when I heard about the experience of some runners who where released earlier on how they crossed the field while the chopper was firing live ammo's, it made me think again. Hearing how scared they were while they are running not only for the race but also for their safety. Imagine being in the field where a chopper was unloading its ammo on the ground and the possibility of getting caught in the cross-fire! What would happen if I chose to ignore the personnel and continue my mad dash to the finish line?

Lock and loaded! (live targets dead ahead!)

With that, I rest my case of not reaching my goal in this race. I'm satisfied that I finished the race even if I lost a lot of precious time. I wouldn't exchange my life with such a petty stuff, I can always do this again on another day. It is only a darn record; surviving the gruesome journey was already enough for me. Though it would have been better if I achieved my goal, I will just do the whole thing again minus the freaking chopper exercise.

I might be down right now but I'll be stronger the next time!

I'm glad that I'm safe, strong and alive to race another day. That PR can wait :D

* - photo credits to various sources in the Internet.


  1. Nice job on the 50k. I am thinking about doing a 50k trail run in November—if I can recover from time from Ironman.

  2. Hey Mark! When will you be doing the Ironman? Ideally you really need to rest before you do any tough runs again but I know people who did the Cobra Ironman challenge here then had a strong finish in a 70K run the week after :D


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